Screening preview: When at the end of my rope…

Promo for When at the end of my rope...This is part of a series of posts from the filmmakers previewing the different films that will be screened at Portsmouth Short Film Night.

Ryan Harrison’s “When at the end of my rope…” is our only foreign and, indeed, only non-local film. As soon as I saw it, though, I knew I had to show it — it will round off the night beautifully. Here’s what Ryan had to say:

Homemade Arts & Entertainment is working on a series of short films that will lead up to a feature we hope to be shooting soon. We’ve already made three of those shorts and have our fourth shoot coming up. ‘When at the end of my rope…’ was our very first one and it worked more as an experiment, just to see if we could actually put a film together. We shot it in one day and the actual shoot was quite disastrous in fact! We had every problem you can think of, from technical, to scheduling and location, but we persisted and decided to finish the film the best way we could.Frame from When at the end of my rope...

Ryan Harrison has been involved in film in many different capacities for many years now, having worked in places like Brazil, the United States, France and the UK. After making a few promos, music videos and two features that are currently in development, he decided to take a step back and start working on a series of shorts, to get himself and his crew better trained and more exposed. His next short film is about to enter production and will be his most ambitious yet.

Come to Portsmouth Short Film Night on Sunday, February 24 at 7:30pm in 3S Artspace’s Store Gallery in Portsmouth, NH to see this and the other great short films being screened!

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