February screening wrap-up

The first Portsmouth Short Film Night is done, and what a night it was! One week ago, on a snowy Sunday night, on the day that the Oscars were on, celebrating big budget, big studio feature films, we packed the Store Gallery at 3S Artspace from wall to wall and celebrated independent short films of all descriptions.

We caught up with old friends and made new acquaintances. We enjoyed some great food from the Flatbread Company and the Portsmouth Brewery. Best of all, we saw nine varied and interesting films and talked with the filmmakers.

If you couldn’t make it out because of the snow, don’t worry, because:

A) We’re going to do this again.
The turnout was so excellent, the support was so fantastic, the feedback was so enthusiastic, that we can’t not. There are so many more great films to show and be seen! There’s so much more to learn and experience from our fellow filmmakers and film fans. As long as people want to make and watch films, we want there to be events like this.

Not only are we going to do this again, but we’re going to do it better. We’re going to keep showing wide varieties of films, and we’re going to keep bringing together filmmakers and aficionados — that will never change — but there’s plenty of room to grow and improve. We’re going to move to a bigger, but still intimate, venue to more comfortably accommodate everyone. We’re going to improve the screening quality so everyone can enjoy the films even more. We’re going to bring in some films and filmmakers from an even broader area, whether in-person from Portland, Boston, or New York, or via internet video from the other side of the world. Most importantly, we’re going to keep bringing together people like you who want to watch films and talk filmmaking.

So if you’ve made a short film, why not send it in? Come talk about how you made it and why, what you learned, and what you’re doing next. Come check out what others are doing; learn; be inspired.

The next Portsmouth Short Film Night will be in mid-April. Watch out for an announcement of the exact date soon.

B) You can catch up on what you missed.
You might not be able to enjoy the same good vibes or good food we had on the night from home, but you can watch all the films online. Here they are:

Phosphorescent – The Waves at Night
Zack Richard

Newd Films

Landscrapers – “The Guys Get Blindsided”
FunE World Productions

These Candles Burn
Jordan Schopick

Coming of Age
Purple Finch Moving Picture Society

Sweet Dreams
Justina Maji

The Cola Man in Space
Tom Clark

Near the Mountain
Flynn Donovan

When at the End of My Rope…
Homemade Arts & Entertainment

That’s it for now. See you next time!

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