PSFN #9 – Next Week!

TORO (2)PSFN #9 is taking place next week at 3S Artspace, Portsmouth’s newest venue.  This dynamic arts venue features a 400-capacity performance space, a non-commercial gallery and a wonderful restaurant, Block Six.  The venue’s grand opening weekend starts today, and more details of the programming can be found at their website.

We are delighted to collaborate with 3S Artspace to present Portsmouth Short Film Night in their first week open, on Tuesday, March 24th at 7.30pm.  Feel free to come early and check out the space and say hello at the Filmmaker Meetup starting at 6pm in the restaurant.

We have a fun line-up this time around from filmmakers across the globe and a little closer to home.  Chatting with our selected filmmakers recently we asked a few questions about their work. Happy reading and we will see you next week at PSFN #9.

Lynn Kim, creator of TORO said this about the creation of short-form work:

“For me, short films present the challenge to filmmakers of conveying an idea or emotion as succinctly and airtight as possible. I like that I’m constantly asking myself if particular shots or scenes are absolutely necessary, and feeling that every moment of the film is essential to the whole is very unique. Also, as an experimental animator who works alone, I don’t think I have the interest, stamina, or actual hands (for labor!) to make a feature length!”
We also asked, does the changing way we consume media affect your filmmaking and distribution? How?
“Oh, absolutely. Though it is interesting, I wonder if there might be a divide in opinion on this question based on whether one works in live-action or animation? Distribution is not such a concern in my work as an animator, and I never make my films with any expectation for how it might be received in the public domain, let alone distribution rights/sales. I’m often happy just to know that someone has stumbled across my work, whether it’s online or at a festival. Also in my experience, the accessibility and use of video streaming sites like vimeo have made it exponentially easier for people to find me, so I really love that. It has made it easier to submit for festivals, competitions, and allows me the freedom to share my work for free.”
More thoughts from our filmmakers to come in the Wrap-Up post for PSFN#9 which will be out next week.

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