Screening preview: Phosphorescent – The Waves at Night

This is part of a series of posts from the filmmakers previewing the different films that will be screened at Portsmouth Short Film Night.

Frame from Phosphorescent- The Waves at NightMusic video or short film with musical accompaniment? Either way, Zack Richard’s film set to Phosphorescent’s “The Waves at Night” is compelling and beautifully photographed. Here’s what Zack had to say about the production:

The video started out as a camera test with a little storyline. It was shot one year ago entirely on route one bypass in Portsmouth and Kittery, ME.
I was very lucky, Cate Carson stars in the video and gave a great performance without any dialogue. The luck continued as I didn’t have a truck or trucker lined up when we started shooting. We found a trucker who let us shoot the cab of his truck and is in the video briefly. The whole video was shot in about 3 1/2 hours its a very simple story with an open ending.Frame from Phosphorescent- The Waves at Night
Hoping to shoot more projects like it in the near future.
Zack grew up in upstate NY, his love of photography commencing at age 11 when he began taking B&W 35mm photos, developing and printing them in school (he still shoots with some of the same lenses he was using 20+ years ago). He graduated from The San Francisco Art Institute in 1999 with a BFA in Film. While there he had the good fortune to study with some of the legends of Underground Cinema including George Kuchar and Lawrence Jordan.He is a creative, innovative and resourceful director and cinematographer with extensive experience shooting feature
films, commercials, music videos and documentaries. His clients have included Hyundai, Terra Chips, Pedigree and Canyon Creek Ranch.

Zack lives in York Harbor, ME with his wife and three amazing children.

Come to Portsmouth Short Film Night on Sunday, February 24 at 7:30pm in 3S Artspace’s Store Gallery in Portsmouth, NH to see this and the other great short films being screened!

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