PSFN #7 wrap-up; get ready for a spooky screening!

Portsmouth Short Film Night audience watching a filmJuly screening

A little later than usual, but here’s our wrap-up of Portsmouth Short Film Night #7! We were generously hosted at the West End Studio Theatre by New Hampshire Theatre Project, which made for our most cinematic seating ever. And we have to say, we liked it! Audience members also enjoyed tasty snacks provided by the always-supportive Portsmouth Brewery (check out their new website!).

In keeping with our constant experimentation with format (and because we had a backlog of  brilliant films to share!) we did something radically different from any of our screenings to date by not holding any Q&As. This let us pack in even more great films, but there were those who missed the chance to hear from and meet the filmmakers – as did we.  Not to worry, though, Q&As will be back, and we’re looking forward to introducing you to lots more local filmmakers at the next PSFN! Speaking of which…Portsmouth Short Film Night snacks by Portsmouth Brewery

The next, spooky PSFN!

As the seasons wind on towards fall, that means that there’s only one PSFN left for the year! We plan to go out with a bang, and we’re excited to announce that Thursday, October 30 at 7pm in Portsmouth Public Media, we’re bringing you a Halloween-themed evening of short films known only as… Portsmouth Short FRIGHT Night!

We already have some excellent submissions picked out, including a great local throwback: a spooky short film shot in Strawbery Banke in the ’70s! Come prepared for an evening of eclectic short films, conversation with the filmmakers, and spooky fun. And, hey, why not come in costume?! Join our Facebook event or sign up to our mailing list to be reminded — don’t miss it! And if you have a spooky or Halloween-related short you’d like to screen at the event, don’t forget to send us your film!

Prescott Park update

Finally, a little bit of sad news: we’re very disappointed to announce that our previously-advertised short film pairings will not be playing at this summer’s Prescott Park Arts Festival after all, as PPAF unexpectedly cancelled our program. We worked hard to make this happen for you, but unfortunately it will not. Maybe next year!

July line-up

And now, without further ado, here’s the low-down on all the films we screened for you at PSFN #7:

  • Fishhooks
    by Lunch and Recess (Charleston, South Carolina)
  • The Runners
    by Banyak Films (London, United Kingdom)
  • Justin Boyd: Sound and Time
    by Walley Films (San Antonio, Texas)
  • Behind the Move
    by Kendy Ty (Paris, France)
  • Why We Laugh
    by Sam Price-Waldman for The Atlantic (Washington, DC)
  • Gumshoe
    by Matt Steinauer (Los Angeles, California)
  • Stanley Pickle
    by Vicky Mather (London, United Kingdom)
  • Tumult
    by Johnny Barrington (Glasgow, United Kingdom)
    Full film not available online, but here’s the trailer:
  • Johnny Express
    by Alfred Imageworks (Seoul, South Korea)

See you in October!

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