PSFN #9 wrap-up

"On Loop" screening at PSFN

Photo courtesy Michael Sterling

March 2015 second birthday screening

Last week’s Portsmouth Short Film Night saw a great turnout to our second anniversary screening, and our first in the brand-new 3S Artspace. It was wonderful to be able to show the films in their best possible quality, thanks to the state-of-the-art facilities, and we’re very happy to be able to do right by our filmmakers in this way.

Michael presenting the lineup at PSFN

Photo courtesy Michael Sterling

2015 screening schedule

PSFN will continue through 2015 on a quarterly basis with 3S Artspace as our permanent home. Screenings will be held in June, September, and December, with exact dates to be announced soon.

March 2015 line-up

For your cinematic pleasure, here’s a recap of all the films we saw on the night, links to view online where available, and links to further information about the filmmakers:

The Mysterious Disappearance of the Town’s Last Resident
by Damon Mohl (Indiana)
Not currently available to watch online – keep an eye out for it on Damon’s Vimeo.
Still from "The Mysterious Disappearance of the Town’s Last Resident"

Searcy County
by Noam Osband (New York)
Trivia: Noam, a PhD student in anthropology, once competed on Jeopardy and Who Wants to be a Millionaire — where he won $250,000!

by Javier Marco (Spain)
Not currently available to watch online, but you can check out the trailer in the meantime:

by Rene Dongo (Massachusetts)

Room 8
by James Griffiths (United Kingdom)
Room 8 was made as part of a film competition where all the filmmakers were given a script with the exact same dialogue, but no stage direction. Take a look at some of the other ones to see how different they all turned out!
Trivia: Director James Griffiths was the editor on a previous PSFN film, Stanley Pickle.

Big Willow
by Jared Katsiane (Massachusetts)

On Loop
by Christine Hooper (United Kingdom)
Trivia: PSFN organizers Catherine and Michael went to university in the UK with the woman who appears in the film, Jayne Edwards.

by Lynn Kim (New York)

Art to Self: Ree Katrak
by Chris Spencer (New Hampshire)

Driving Without License
by Canal180 (Portugal)

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